Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas time...

It's the time of the year,
I love to make home deco decorations. This is one of them!
You can buy one very expensive or make one yourself. 
Take 5 branchesand color them white. Push them together and
 add a cord around them. 
Put small hooks in the branches and get decorating.
 And this winterwreath is made so fast out of an old curtain.
You need two things to make this, an old curtain and a styrofoam ring 
I would say around 20 cm round.
 Tear the curtain into strokes 4 cm wide, tye them around the styrofoam ring.
Cut off the lenght wenn the stroke is to long.
I added this heart in the middle of the heart. Very easy bye 
using a needle that is pushed into the styrofaom ring.
I hope you enjoy these home decos!
Bye bye Mascha

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Add caption
Cover the roove.

Start adding patterned paper to your birdhouse!

Measure sizes for the paper on the ground of the birdhouse.
And cute out!
Add lace, buttons and ribbon for decorations.

This little boy wiht his dog is a rubber stamp. Use any stamp you like!
The middle of the birdhouse is made wiht a doillie and a punched snowstar!
I hope you likes this idea. You can add whatever you like in the middel of the home.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wooden vintage bookbox!

I love this kind of boxes. 
And the nicest thing is that you can ad a lot of nice goodies inside the box.

You can buy these at bigger craftstores and 
dutch warehouses like Action.

Decorate it with a handmade crochet flowers.
Use French lace to decorate the cover.

This is they inside of the bookbox. 
I made the ribbonholders and bobbins. 
I used a lot of French lace to decorate all of them.

You can read this blog in dutch at HobbyHandig.
Bye Mascha

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another dylusion inkts card!

This is definitly one of my favorite images,
I used a template made fron an old game. A memory game with round pieces.
Make the background with a template and dylusion inkts and let dry, 
add text in another color.

The image was stamped on a coffe filter. The background is made on white paper.
 Adhere elements on your card. 
Added element is from Grunge board. I used metallic brads to fasten it on the card.
 At last add the ribbon and your card is finished.

Bye Mascha

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Decorate your cutlery tray!

Decorate your cutlery tray!
I love recycling and used a cutlery tray this time.  I changes it into a
sewing tray with homemade embelishments.

Use a small jar and decorate it with stamped images
and lace
First gleu your buttons on the back of the tray. Put a plastic sheet
above the buttons. This gives a great look.
The small spools are fixed in the tray with a little plug.
At the end of the plug a small button is gleued for decoration.

Make your own smaal spools.
Very old glass buttons are used for this corner.
Small bundles of fabric.
Gleu small butttons on the backside of the tray
 A small iron found on the flee market!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Adorable Vintage Doorhangers

Adorable vintage doorhangers!

 Thoose are so adorable and so easy to make!
Take fabric;  bleached cotton orso will be fine, cute out two identical squares.
I used around 15 cm. You need to stich 3 sides and
 fill it up and close the fourth side.
Then start decorating, an use a lote of cute stuff!

 This one is made with a lot of lace and a stamped image, 
Use versafine inkt for your fabric.
These can make very detailed images on fabric.

I hope these can give you a lot of inspiration!!
Bye Mascha

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nostalgic Cardholders!

Wenn you make a nice card, you'll need a nice cardholder as well!
So her you are. Use small jars or a wooden spool to make your homemade standard.

Step 1 cute of 40 cm iron wire for a small standard and 50 cm for a bigger one.
Turn around the wood.

 Tree times round.
 Than bend and move ends around each other.
This is how it turns out.

 I use to gleu the end of the wire into the spool with a hot gleugun.
 You can use any woden spool for this project, they come in different sizes!

This is a small salt jar, great to work with.

 Use a bottle cap as decoration!
Bye bye Mascha